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Online Attendance System through T- Haazaru Mobile App

Online Attendance System has been introduced in TS Schools through T Haazaru Mobile App for Teachers and Students from August 23rd, 2019. The Department of School Education has introduced an "Online Attendance System" to check for attendance of teachers and students in government schools in Telangana State. For this purpose, specially designed a mobile app called T Haazaru. This means that the attendance of teachers and students in their school should be forwarded to the state-level authorities. Attendance must be registered online by 10:30 am. Otherwise, action will be taken on the Head Masters. The policy was introduced by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Janardhan Reddy, after parents of students complained about the lack of proper teacher attendance at the school.

T-Haazaru App Download T-Haazaru App

Headmaster should upload the daily attendance of students and teachers of your school in this Mobile App. Registration is not required daily. Once the registration process is completed, you will need to enter attendance details by login (dice code and password). You can see the also password and reports from this app.

 How to Send Attendance

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