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School Grants Transaction limit increased from 500per week to 2500per month No. TF/003/FC/2007 Date. 03-09-2019.

O/o. State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Hyderabad.
No. TF/003/FC/2007 Date. 03-09-2019.


                              Sub: TSS- Verification of transactions taken place in Govt. & Local Body Schools-Representation of the Teacher s Associations for stoppage of review on the transactions take place in the Govt. & Local Body schools- Instructions for drawl of cash Issued-Reg.


   1. Para No. 5.3 & 5.4 of Samagra Shiksha FM&P Manual

2. Lr. No. TF/390/FC2016, dt. 10-11-2006 of DSE & EO SPD.

3. Rep. No. 361/2019, dt. 09-08-2009 of DTF, Telangana

4. Rep. No. 104/TSGHMA/2019, dt. 09-08-2019 of TSGHMA.

5. Rep. of the Telangana State Teachers Union, dt.17-8-2019

        Attention of all the DEO & EO DPO is invited to the references 1st to 5th cited and in partial modification of instructions issued vide reference 2nd cited, the limit prescribed for drawl of cash from SS funds at Govt. & Local Body schools is here by increased from Rs. 500/-per week to Rs. 2,500/- per month wef 01-09-2009. The use of Cash transactions is not encouraged and as far as possible payments to be made through cheque / other banking channels. In view of the above, all the DEO & EO DPOS are requested to issue instructions to all the Govt. & Local Body schools accordingly to follow the above instructions scrupulously

State Project Director


The All the DEO & EO DPOS. 37/3


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