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State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha  Issued Proceeding to Conduct Out Of School Children 

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                                                           Education is one of the foremost requirements for Development. Government of Telangana has taken several initiatives to provide quality Education to the youth in the State. The Government is improving the Education status to enhance the standard of living of the people and also to achieve other goals like, overcoming the problem of poverty and unemployment, social equality, equal income distribution, etc. Education contributes to the individuals well being as well as the overall development. It is not only an instrument of enhancing efficiency but is also an effective tool of widening and augmenting democratic participation and upgrading the overall quality of individual and societal life. Government of Telangana Manages 26040 Schools with 107259 Teachers and 2150626 students. 

The following measures are being undertaken to bring the government closer to its goals.

100% Aadhar Linkage of students in Government, Aided and Private Schools.
ICT enabled 'Digital Classrooms' in all Government / Local Body Schools.
Bio metric attendance of Teachers & Students
SwachhBharath - SwachhVidyalayaprogramme in schools to ensure toilet facility.
Furnished classrooms with Computers, K-Yans& LCD Projectors & Screens
Transport facility
Hostels, etc.

An online module where marks of all students of all classes of all exams are captured and various reports are generated to know the performance of student, class, teacher and helps the authorities to take proper measure in improving the performance.

Online module for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of a child helps the authorities to take proper decisions to improve the quality of education. 

Childinfo website👉 Click here

CCE Marks Profarma 

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